RiCOH Ri 100 FAQs

How do i print socks on the RICOH Ri 100 printer?

We have developed sock templates exclusively for the Ri 100. This scaled down version of our larger sock templates makes it easy for anyone to print a pair of socks with a direct to garment printer.

What is different about this printer when it comes to socks?

    • We have templates set up for either 1 pair or 2 pairs of socks depending on the silhouette.

    • After months of experimenting with the Ri 100 we found in order to print on socks we had to figure out a way to lower the printer tray so the print head would be able to pass.  We found a solution with our carbon sock printing utility sticks that sit along the side of the printer tray.  When the tray cover is closed it pushes down these spacers which lowers the tray.  The socks won't print without this accessory so be sure to order a set if you plan on printing on socks.

    • There is no white ink in the Ri 100 so we do not offer black socks for this printer.

How do I set up the artwork before printing?

We provide art layout templates for each sock style we offer.  The PDF file can be downloaded and we send them via email when you place an order.  The file can be used with your design software and once your art is in place just delete or hide the layer before saving the file to print.  Included are instructions to help you in the set up.

Is blue painters tape necessary for printing socks?

Yes, we use blue tape as one of our sock printing accessories and we would not print without it.  For this printer the blue tape is mainly used to protect the tops of the socks from print head strikes.  It also helps to smooth out the surface so the printer laser won't detect anything that will prevent the printing cycle to start.

Any suggestions to flatten the socks or templates that are curling?

A quick press in the finisher for about 30 seconds will flatten out the socks and the cardboard template.

Will I still need to do a height adjustment on the printer when using the sock printing utility sticks?

Yes, the utility sticks act as a spacer for the extra room but the laser is super sensitive so you will need to still do a height adjustment.

Can I reuse the templates?

The templates are made of a medium weight cardboard so they may be re-usable a few runs but will breakdown due to moisture and heat.  We reuse them for print tests before printing on the socks and they are recyclable so we encourage disposing of them in a mindful way.

How long does is a print run?

It takes about 2 minutes to print, 30 second hover, and 3 minute press.  We use the PRO2 setting.

What if I do not cure the socks long enough?

The ink will fade out on the socks when washing them.


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