DTGsockprints FAQ’s

Click here for information on the RICOH Ri 100 printer and socks

How does sockprints print on socks?

Sockprints has a proprietary process for printing on our socks.  The  socks are loaded on a cardboard template that sits on the top of the print table.  We print in multiple pairs so each print run can be maximized for savings in production time and labor.

What Makes our Socks DTG Printer Ready?

    • Our patented sock templates make it super easy to print socks on a dtg printer. Print multiple pairs of socks at one time 

    • Quality cotton blend socks are made to our specifications and designed with dtg printing in mind.

    • Flat knit or flat rib surface makes it easy to get a clean and clear print.

    • Popular sock silhouettes in basic colors takes the guesswork out of the sock styles to print on.

    • Our socks are ready to print out of the box and go from the printer to heat press for a seamless production run.

Do I need to apply for access to use this site?

This site is set up for wholesale decorative apparel businesses who own direct to garment printers.  If you are not it this business you will not be granted access to the site.

How do I print on the socks?

There are several steps in preparing to print on socks- we know print tables vary by size and brand so if you are serious about printing on socks we suggest the following:

    • Set up guidelines for the sock templates on the print table with a permanent paint marker.  Start from the center of the table.  Watch this quick how to video on drawing the lines on the print table.

    • Each sock style has specific image guide to set up the art for printing.  When placing an order you will receive a link to these guides to download and use.

    • Pre-pressing the socks flat before printing will give you a smooth surface to print on. 

    • Before printing on socks you will want to do a test run on a piece of paper or t-shirt to confirm the placement and color.  You can also re-use the cardboard templates to test the design placement.
    • Once you are set up with access to the site you'll be able to view how to videos for each sock style for the printing and curing process.

How do I set up the artwork before printing?

We provide art layout templates for each sock style we offer.  The PDF file can be downloaded and we send them via email when you place an order.  The file can be used with your design software and once your art is in place just delete or hide the layer before saving the file to print. Included are instructions to help you in the set up.

What material are the sock templates made out of?

Our socks are pre-loaded on medium weight cardboard templates for several reasons:

    • Thin enough to avoid any obstruction with the ink head, strong enough to stretch out the socks for a flat print surface and hold up during heat curing and pre-treatment prep.

    • Pulls moisture away from the socks after curing on the heat press

    • Unlike a metal platen you can handle these templates right away after curing the ink.

    • Easy to pull socks off the template to pair up and package

    • Can be used on different size print tables so there is no investment in a special platen.

    • Recyclable - Can be re-purposed for test runs on design placement and color matching before printing on socks.

What is the blue tape for?

Blue painters tape is a must have accessory when printing with our socks and templates.  The blue tape protects the top opening of the socks from print head strikes that can randomly occur.  The tape is also used to secure the sock template to the printer table so it doesn't move during the print run.  A nice thing about the blue tape, it can be used multiple times - we can use the same strips over a weeks time.

How much spoilage should I expect when printing on socks?

We account for around 8% spoilage due to misprints, ink head strikes, or design alignment.  Testing before doing a large production order or whenever you want to do a pre-check is recommended. It is cheaper to print on a piece of paper or recycled template than on a pair of socks.  Of course you can use your spoilage socks for test prints in the future.

Do black and other dark colored socks need to be pre-treated prior to printing?

Yes! Follow the same pre-treating steps used when printing t-shirts and other dark garments.  Please note the socks are loaded on cardboard templates so you will won't want to move these when they are wet as the templates may tear. Cover the open area in the center of the template prevents the template from getting too wet. Pressing the socks before printing is a must.

I’m printing black socks and noticed a white background around my image where I should see the socks.

Just like printing t-shirts, you’ll need to save your artwork as a transparency so the white background will not print on the socks. You may also want to use the choke feature in your printing software.

I want to get the socks as close to the print head as possible, but want to avoid head strikes on the socks. What should I do?

Give the socks a quick pre-press to make them as flat as possible. We use blue painters tape to cover exposed areas that should not be printed and protected from head strikes.

What are the washing instructions for DTG printed socks?

We recommend machine wash warm inside out, no bleach containing detergents or products, tumble dry warm.

What is the fabrication of the socks?

DTGsockprints are a cotton-blend fabrication and vary by sock style and size. Each product listing has the specific fabrication information.


How long does DTG printing last on DTGsockprints socks?

The wear on DTG printed socks is similar to DTG printed cotton blend t-shirts. The more it gets worn and washed the quicker the wear of the design will show. 

I’ve never packaged socks before for my customers, what do I need to do?

Standard packaging for crew socks is to match two socks in a pair with the heel toward the left. You can then use a swift tack or sock band to keep the socks together. Washing and fabrication information can be printed on hang tags or sock bands.

What is the sockprints patent?

Our patent is on both the printing process we use as well as the design of the templates the socks are loaded on. Click for more information.