DTGsockprints General Info

DTGsockprints - Blank Socks for DTG printing

What makes our socks and templates special

  • loaded on templates the socks are ready for easy printing and order fulfillment
  • cotton blend socks developed to our specifications especially for DTG printing
  • multiple pairs of socks are printed in the same print run on the template
  • the templates are designed to easily match up pairs of socks after the printing process
  • depending on the socks style the templates vary in size to maximize the print area of each sock
  • reduce labor costs with our out of the box print ready socks
  • basic styles and colors to fit a wide range of sock needs

Why are the templates made of cardstock

  • the cardstock absorbs moisture from the socks during the heat curing process
  • warm (not hot) to the touch when taking off the heat press
  • sturdy enough to hold the socks in place and has minimal effect on the distance between the print table and ink head
  • absorbs any extra ink that comes through the sock fabric during the heating process
  • the templates can be re-purposed for test printing design placement and color before printing on the socks
  • made of recyclable card stock, please recycle!

What is the investment in printing on socks

  • besides your printer, heat press, inks, and pre-treatment you'll just need a roll of blue painters tape on hand to secure socks on the print table and cover specific areas from ink head strikes
  • for full print socks, sheets of paper to cover the print table to absorb bleed line ink. You can get a roll of white butcher paper and cut down to the print table size
  • sock inventory - you can start with a 24 pair box/size/color

Can the socks be used for other decorative apparel methods

  • vinyl cut outs can be heat pressed on the socks
  • rhinestones can applied with heat or grommets
  • because our socks are a cotton blend they are not a good choice for sublimation