Custom Printed Fun for Feet

If you are a direct-to-garment printer you'll appreciate our blank socks knit to our specifications for DTG printing perfection. We've been DTG printing socks for almost 10 years with our patented process with easy  and efficient labor and production steps.

Our DTG Sock Printing OPTIONS

DTGsockprints Blank Socks

If you own a direct to garment printer and are interested in blank socks for DTG printing, we've taken the guesswork out of which socks to use. These socks are knit to our specifications for ideal printing results. To get started simply apply for an account and once approved you'll have access to order the blank socks, watch how-to videos, and more detailed info about printing socks on a DTG printer.


Meet the Founders

In 2009, as two entrepreneurial women we teamed up to create a process for custom printing designs on socks for our daughters’ club soccer team. After several test prints and knitting fabrications we developed proprietary sock templates and socks knitted specifically for DTG. You'll see how easy it is to print with great results. With our expertise, we can help you expand your product line to print custom socks.

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